Just like honey: Seminar with Oslo Apiary

October 2015

Event: Seminar on ‘Art and Environment’ with guests Oslo Apiary
Date: 13 October 2015
Time: 14:15 — 16:00
Location: Department of Sociology and Human Geography, HH Seminarrom 301
Audience: Students of the graduate level course Global Environmental Change. Additional guests welcome upon request.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I have been talking about bees and honey incessantly the past couple of months. My apologies for that, by the way. This is due to my serendipitous encounter with two wonderful artists and cultural entrepeneurs: Marius Presterud and Mikkel Dagestad. Otherwise known as Oslo Apiary, their provoking work is inspired by the Situationists and brings to fore the place of nature and culture in urban space.

Oslo Apiary will join the  seminar I am giving this semester on art and environment in the course Global Environmental Change. Over fresh sourdough bread made by the lovely Milda Jonusaite Nordbø, we will sample raw honey from Oslo Apiary’s urban hives and discuss links between art, environment, nature and culture. I will give an introduction to the very diverse field of environmental art. Marius Presterud will speak about the history and practices of Oslo Apiary and their artistic interventions in the city of Oslo.

Above photograph by Torstein Throndsen, taken at a seminar in Global Environmental Change at the University of Oslo (2015).

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