Nuart Plus 2016

September 2016

Event: Nuart Plus, academic conference running parallel to the Nuart Festival
 8 — 11 September 2016
Time:  Refer to programme below or to Nuart Plus website.
Location: Tou Scene (Stavanger, Norway)
Audience: Open to the public.

Organised by founder and curator Martyn Reed, general manager James Finucane, and Nuart Plus leader Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen of the Norwegian School of Economics, Nuart Plus is the academic component to Nuart Festival. It brings together artists, scholars, writers and journalists, and others together to speak and to engage in critical debates around art, the city, and public space. This year, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in both speaking at and organising at Nuart Plus. I will give a talk on women’s rights to the city, sit on a panel debate chaired by keynote speaker David Pinder. I will also help to coordinate and host a series of closed round table discussions which will bring together some of the diverse international participants with local stakeholders to discuss relationships between public art and geography, education, conservation, and tourism.

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