Nuart Plus 2017

August 2017

Event: Nuart Plus, academic conference running parallel to the Nuart Festival
 31 August — 3 September 2017
Time:  Refer to full programme on the Nuart Plus website
Location: Tou Scene (Stavanger, Norway)
Audience: Open to the public

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I am honoured to have once again been invited to speak at Nuart Plus, the academic component of Stavanger’s annual Nuart Festival. The festival’s theme is ‘Rise Up’ with art and presentations touching upon dimensions of power. This year, I return to a series of photographs that I took on psychogeographic walks in Montréal during Québec’s student uprising in 2012. With reference to these images, I explore how citizens made use of graffiti and street art — with frequent use of the little red square, symbol of the student movement — to further their political cause. Their actions, which included 100 days of consecutive protest, culminated in the calling of a provincial election, a resulting shift in political power, and a halt to the proposed tuition hikes that spurred the uprising.


I will also chair a roundtable discussion on street art and the paradox of muralism. Together with invited artists, cultural leaders, and other stakeholders,  we will discuss the growing presence of murals in the context of street art. Are they one and the same? Do they inspire agency in commensurate ways? The roundtable discussions bring together some of the diverse attendees at the festival and encourages constructive debate around important topics relating to art in urban space.  Discussions will later be made public.

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