Right to the city

November 2017

Event: Lynforedrag – Retten til byen, series of talks on rights to the city. Organised by Spire, Norwegian youth environmental organisation
Date:  23 November 2017
Time:  18:00 to 20:00
Location: Dattera til Hagen, 2nd floor (Oslo, Norway)
Audience: Open to the public

I will be giving a short talk based on my doctoral research about the aesthetics of zero tolerance for Spire’s event on rights to the city. Rather than give a lecture, I have been asked to submit a series of 15 images (and no text) that will change automatically every 25 seconds. In other words, I will be presenting four years of research compressed into 6.25 minutes and 15 images. I will be presenting in the very inspiring company of researchers and activists whose work touches on the right to the city. These include:

Erling Okkenhaug – Stedsaktivist og “sørlandsrefseren”
Wid Al-Saedy – Tøyen Unlimited, WIDE INK
Fredrik Holth – Fakultet for landskap og samfunn, Institutt for eiendom og juss, NMBU
Beata Sirowy, Forsker, NMBU. Jobber med prosjektet: Cultivaiting public spaces

Waffles will be served.


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