My name is Emma Arnold and I founded The Institute for Art and Environment (ARTENVI) in 2009 as a broad platform for my diverse projects, all of which touch on intersections of art and environment.

I am an artist and cultural geographer, originally from Montréal, Canada and currently living in Oslo, Norway. I have a diverse academic background, on a spectrum from the natural sciences to the humanities. I am currently finishing my PhD in the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo.

My arts practice includes illustration and painting, street/urban art, and photography. I am part of the SOMA art collective in Oslo. My expressions are often playful and reflect my academic interest in the interconnections of arts and science. The following black and white illustrations are a recent example of my illustration work and are the chapter plates that I designed for my doctoral dissertation. The illustrations feature latin phrases that are intended to humorously refer to elements of the chapters that they precede.

My research interests are in cultural and urban geography, with a particular interest in how people express themselves creatively in public space. Graffiti, street art, and other forms of illegal public art are the main focus in my work at the moment. More broadly, my work examines how art can contribute to understandings of public space and the environment.